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Calgary Healing Touch Workshops – Cuddle Party

May 13 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Cuddle Party is still here to welcome you back with a positive healing touch.

What we are about

Cuddle Party is a fun, playful workshop on connection and communication that includes an abundance of nurturing and affectionate touch. It is a safe and structured, non-sexual and drug and alcohol-free event. Called a “Party” because it is so much fun!

People may attend a Cuddle Party for a variety of reasons. Members come out of curiosity, like to have fun, and enjoy a wonderful evening of connecting with like-minded people. Others see a Cuddle Party as a great networking opportunity to look for new friends or a significant other. Both men and women alike come to safely fulfill their need for affection and nurturing touch that may be missing in their everyday life. Most appreciate the learning and personal growth aspect and use the opportunity to improve their social and communication skills, expressing needs, setting boundaries, each of you will arrive with your own unique experience. Others may explore ways of creating connection and closeness and play with “touch meditation” or gazing. There are times you may find a spiritual significance in deeper and more authentic connections with others. In this safe space tears and laughter are welcome, connect with the Facilitator to help you through this.

Cuddling can mean feet against feet, leaning against each other, shoulder or feet rubs, caressing, full-body hugs, spooning – it is entirely up to you. You can participate according to your desires and comfort level (it is perfectly ok if you just want to talk and not touch anyone for a while or not at all). You will have a wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with other cuddle-minded people in a safe and relaxing environment.

Below is one of the first ones I attended with Rovena Skye, a significant role model.