CUDDLE BUDDIES film – Re-experience yourself through touch

by | Feb 9, 2021

Cuddle Buddies is a pensive and reflective dramatic short film meant to incite deep feeling and thought. Lucy is a single mother that works as a professional cuddler for a living.Lucy works hard to support her pride and joy, her daughter Marina who is a six-year-old hyperactive girl. She fights her ex-husband James in an ugly custody battle for full custody of Marina. 


Cuddle Buddies is a character-driven film that aims to capture the beautiful moments of the human experience. Envisioned in a lyrical and rhythmic visual style in which the warm and inviting comfort of a cuddling session are depicted and all of the five senses are played on and that is very much meant to place a viewer in the middle of these cuddle sessions. The film asks the very real question, “Why are we so afraid of touch?”


We will be launching a crowdfunding campaign for the short film within the next two weeks and the link to the campaign will be posted on our social media pages once it goes live. Feel free to give us a follow and check out our pitch video for the project! Socials and contact listed below:


Contact for any further information or questions about the short:
Crowdsource Video Link



Upcoming short film by Jordan Roman, Writer & Director.


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