Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Care Team

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The fundamental possibility of the DICC is the possibility of being a powerfully confident, supportive, community focused, skilled and committed clearing for future growth, restorative justice and possibility.

The Diversity, Inclusion and Community Care Team is designed to have Cuddle Party Facilitators, participants and stakeholders experience being educated, supported and fulfilled in their access to explore and develop proficiency in conversations that expand their mastery in the areas of Diversity, Inclusion and Community Care. As a result, everyone who is trained by our programs develops a demonstrated comptency in living from the distinctions of restortive justice, community support and socially aware education. Trained through a powerful collection of intentionally curated programming and on the court opportunities to fulfill Continuing Education Credits and the Creation of Education that expand participation in Cuddle Party’s Diversty, Inclusion and Community Care programs, the entire Cuddle Party Organization is present to the experience the satisfaction of having made an enormous contribution by embodying Cuddle Party’s commitment to the discussions of restorative justice, consent and community access.

 To report a Concern to the Diversity, Inclusion and Community Care Team, please send an email to Concerns@CuddleParty.org