Event Submission best practices and FAQ in no particular order, ~under construction~:

Submission Guidelines:

  1. All events posted here must be consistent with CP rules and values – platonic, clothed, active embodied consent practiced. 
  2. A Cuddle Party – facilitated by a certified facilitator or a Facilitator in Training (designated as a Review or Training Party) and follows all guidelines as taught in CP certification course.
  3. Social – Question and Answer social event opportunity to directly support introduction to Cuddle Party events and introductions/connections within your cuddle community
  4. Meeting – community organizer meeting to support Cuddle Party events or CPI working group meetings or Board meetings which directly support Cuddle Party events.
  5. Trainings – official trainings offered by CPI such as the FOF.

Event Title recommended format:  If your event is a Cuddle Party, please state that as the first two words of your title.  The first two words are all that show up in the calendar listing.  If your Cuddle Party has a theme, please enter that afterwards.  Then enter the city, state, country in the title so it shows up easily.  Recommended format: Cuddle Party – Star Wars pj’s – Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Recurring events:  After you submit an event, go back to your Event Dashboard (click on Facilitator Login Button –> Event Dashboard link).  Find the event you want to duplicate and click the Duplicate button in the top right of that event event listing.  It looks like two pieces of paper together.  This will copy the first event and allow you to change the date or whatever else you want to update to list another event based on the first event. 

Event Organizer profiles vs. Facilitator Profiles  – We may not be able to link this Event Organizer database to our Facilitator Profile pages.  For now, please do click on Manage your Organizers and enter yourself as an Event Organizer.  In the Events Organizer Submission page, there is a field where you can enter your Cuddle Party Facilitator Profile page URL.  Open a new tab, Click on ‘Find a Facilitator’, search on your name, Click on your name, Copy the URL of your Faciliator Profile page and paste it in the available field in the Organizer profile.  This will allow folks viewing your events to click through from your Event Organizer page to your Facilitator Profile.

How can people find my events from my Facilitator Profile lookup? For now, please add a link to your Event Organizer events listing in one of your Facilitator profile blocks – Such as at the end of the ‘Who I am as a Cuddle Party Facilitator’.   Find your Organizer event listing by clicking on any of your events, scrolling to the bottom and choosing ‘More Info’ under your name.  This should take you to your Event Organizer page and list all of the events you have submitted.  Copy the URL on this page and paste it into your Facilitator Profile page.  We will be working on a more elegant solution for this in the future.

How do I use the ‘Register’ button?  You may enter an email address here or a web URL in the registration field.  This could be a link to Eventbrite, Meetup, a Facebook event, or a payment portal such as your Paypal page. When someone clicks on the blue ‘Register’ button, the URL link or the email link will appear and the user can click the link.

Why does it show a blue ‘Register’ button when I didn’t enter anything?  We don’t know.  For now it will show a button, but clicking the button just returns a blue arrow which when clicked will return to the same event page.  We recommend if you do not have a registration URL, you enter your email address in the Registration field so your email address will show up when someone clicks the Register button.

Did you review and follow all of these instructions but still have a question or a problem with your event listing?  Contact MaryS@cuddleparty.org