Basic Text Edits & Site Overview

The first video is a quick tutorial on how to make text edits. The second video covers the main areas of the site such as Blog Posts, Events, and Facilitators.

Basic Text Edits

Site Overview

Creating Links.

Adding facilitators as Admin

This video shows the process of creating a facilitator as an Admin. The process will be similar for a user of the site logged in as a contributor but a login that redirects these users could include a simplified interface.

Adding Events and Reviews to Facilitator pages

This video shows you how to link up events and reviews to a facilitator page. Once this is done any event imported into the site for a facilitator will be directed to be displayed on that facilitator’s page. The same will occur for reviews. Once a review is approved this will add the review automatically to that facilitator’s page.

Importing Events

The first step is to add the facilitator to the list of categories. So when an import is scheduled that individual event or all the events from the organizer can be assigned a category. This will direct the right events to the individual facilitator’s page.

This video shows you how to schedule imports from different Eventbrite accounts. If the facilitator only hosts Cuddle party events then entering the URL for their profile page should work, but if they host unrelated events then the individual events will have to be imported


This video shows you how to approve/modify a review left on a facilitators page.

Adding New Facilitators to Website

This video shows you how to approve a new facilitator to be a user on our website and how to edit Eventbrite URL.