Audrey Hamel

About Me: I am a Coach, Facilitator and Speaker. Each of these offerings comes from a desire to increase opportunities for connection, community, agency, self discovery and presence for as many people as possible. I believe that the more available connection to self and others is to each of us, the more healing we can do individually and as a community.

Favorite Cuddle Party Rule: You are encouraged to change your mind. I have often been shamed for changing my mind. To me, changing my mind is a result of having more information about the situation, my body or the moment. I love how this rule encourages us to be with what is present in the moment rather than what we thought things might be like.

What I got out of Cuddle Party personally: Every Cuddle Party renews my faith in humanity. If a group of strangers can come together and nurture each other through physical touch, then we can find healing within our communities. In addition, Cuddle Parties give me something that is hard to find - the opportunity to cuddle in a group. I grew up in a pile of siblings, but once I grew up, touch was something that only happened one on one. I didn't remember how magical it was for me to be all snuggled into a group until I got to my first Cuddle Party.

Who I am as a Cuddle Party Facilitator / What you'll find at my Cuddle Parties: I use playfulness and intention to create a safe space to explore new experiences. I have a background in somatics and a passion for community support. I love to emphasize embodied consent where we really take a pause to check in with ourselves and explore what we want versus what we feel we "should" want.

Facilitator Name: Audrey Hamel

Country: United States

State: Washington

City: Tacoma


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