About Me: Marcella Lyles, M.Ed. is a smooth, bold blend of Business Professional and Instructional Designer simmered in Entrepreneurial spirit, sprinkled with fun, a love for life, and a solid sense of integrity. Her effective listening and customer services skills accompany an on-going mission to bring relevant and reliable information in the areas of Sexual Health, Sexuality and Intimacy Relationship Wellness, and Passionate Communication. Marcella is a world traveler and has experiences with people and relationships from every walk of life and nearly every corner of the world. She is currently a resident of Aurora, Colorado, and is looking to bring her education, experience, and expertise to the many communities who share and support a vision of rich and loving relationships that work.

Favorite Cuddle Party Rule: At every party that I Facilitate, I pick a new Cuddle Agreement to use in my everyday life until the next event. What I find is that these Agreements are practical, powerful, and life-transforming when applied to my life outside of Cuddling. They are all important because of what they each make available in my life and in the lives of others. It’s hard to pick just one that I think shines above them all.

What I got out of Cuddle Party personally: A while back, I was asked to give the word Cuddle an acronym. I thought it was kind of strange…don’t people just know what Cuddle means? No…actually they don’t. I thought about it and I wanted to come up with something that expresses what I get out of the event and what I know other people get as well. I came up with: Communication Using Deliberate Displays of Love and Emotion This is what I personally get out of Cuddle Party. A life of Communication, Powerful Intention and Love.

Who I am as a Cuddle Party Facilitator / What you'll find at my Cuddle Parties: As a Facilitator: Welcome Circle: I’m quite thorough and when I know that there are new people, I spend quite a bit of time in the Welcome Circle. I know that people can get their whole lives and more breakthroughs than they ever imagined from the Welcome Circle, even if they never Cuddle. I can tell you that countless people have come to my events and by the time I’m done leading the Welcome…they’ve had so many insights, breakthroughs, and new possibilities open up that they are literally spent and use the Cuddle Circle time to simply process what has been spoken into the space. It uses to make me sad that people didn’t cuddle at least a little and now I know that it just speaks to my commitment that people GET THEIR LIVES from the Welcome Circle. Very powerful. Family-Centered: As a parent with a very Cuddle focused child, I am one of a very few facilitators that has Family-Focused Cuddle Parties. Some parents can’t come to Cuddle events that exclude kids. Getting a sitter can be another hassle that has them simply say “no thanks”. This doesn’t allow them to get the support their relationships need. By allowing kids to be in the space, EVERYONE gets what they need. Parents (single, coupled, tribal, etc.) get to socialize and be supported by other parents/grownups and kids get to play or be in the Cuddly Space (as my kiddo says) they can experience touch with safety, power, and consent. In either case, kids get to see people using communication and touch in a positive and loving way which I think is healthy for kids nowadays. The goal is to provide a comfortable, supportive space that allows self-expression for everyone involved. Passion, Fun, and Possibility: Above all, I am a Facilitator that loves what this work creates. I’m passionate about the opportunities and the fun that it generates. The breakthroughs people have are amazing and people leave with experiences that make new possibilities readily available and accessible. It’s simple, I love what I do. Communication Using Deliberate Displays of Love and Emotion…changed my life and I can’t wait to have other people’s lives transform through CUDDLE Party!

Facilitator Name: Marcella Lyles, M.Ed.

Country: United States

State: Arizona, Colorado, Texas

City: Phoenix, Aurora, Denver, Austin, Dallas, Dallas-Fort Worth Int Apt, Fort Worth, Houston


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