Lana Blue

About Me: I currently live, and mostly work, on Wadawurrung country, in Geelong, Australia. I am primarily a bodyworker who offers a number of different styles of body based work - often focusing on diverse issues ranging from pain relief through to pleasure. All that I do, I do with love.

Favorite Cuddle Party Rule: I appreciate all the Cuddle Party rules. I value the way they help create a clearly boundaried space for people to be comfortable enough to potentially get a little out of their comfort zone and explore new experiences. For me, rule number 6 "You are encouraged to change your mind" is my current favourite. I remember when I was doing the Cuddle Party facilitator training that embracing this rule in my day to day life prompted some massive positive changes.

What I got out of Cuddle Party personally: For me, completing the training process itself, with Len Daley as my mentor, provided so many amazing moments, and opportunities for personal growth. Then becoming part of a global community focused on healthy touch, communication, and consent based practices really affirmed that I was on the right life path. Stepping into facilitating Cuddle Parties locally (in Geelong, and Melbourne) has provided me with so many moments of genuine connection with many wonderful people - and watching the ripples of positive change that often occur brings me so much joy. I also always appreciate being able to practice my own communication skills, connect with community, and give and receive platonic touch in ways that I love - and experiment with new things!

Who I am as a Cuddle Party Facilitator / What you'll find at my Cuddle Parties: As a queer non binary person myself, I strive to hold an inclusive space where everyone feels welcome. I always have snacks, lots of comfortable cushions, and a big welcoming hug (if you're a yes to that). I have a deeply present, grounded and down to earth facilitation style. My Cuddle Parties have ranged from light, with sometimes hilariously funny moments; through to much quieter deeply nurturing spaces.

Facilitator Name: Lana Blue

Country: Australia

State: Victoria

City: Geelong, Melbourne


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