Maryam Brown

About Me: I host monthly Cozy Clubs (mini Cuddle Parties) out of Portland Cuddle Shop in Portland, OR. Quarterly I host a large Kindness & Connection Circle either in Soma Space in NE Portland or on the West Side. I also offer Cuddle Party Birthday Party facilitation services. My passion is holding safe and welcoming spaces for humans to connect and relax together. I’m skillful in the areas of communication, creativity, and empathic connection. I welcome adults of all genders, sexual orientations, body sizes and abilities, cultural backgrounds, and relationship statuses to attend my events. My events are unique in that sometimes I dedicate a particular Cozy Clubs to specific identity groups, like womxn, LBGTQIA, couples, and partners, non-binary, etc. My studio draws on the nourishing colors of nature with wall-to-wall cushiony places at varying heights for different body abilities. My welcome circle is sprinkled with personalization that reflects my sensitivity towards minority identities and is a safe space for those with trauma history and neurodivergence. Pre-registration is required and must be done through my website: *I call my parties Cozy Clubs and Kindness & Connection Circles because, for many people new to this practice, the term Cuddle Party can be intimidating and misleading. Creating a feeling of safety and choice is of paramount importance to me. For those that may be feeling intimidated about attending, I want you to know that one of the foundational rules of these events is that you never have to touch anyone you don’t want to, ever. In fact, not touching or cuddling is always an available and viable option.

Favorite Cuddle Party Rule: You are encouraged to change your mind! So freeing!

Facilitator Name: Maryam Brown

Country: United States

State: Oregon

City: Portland


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