Meg Hunter

Favorite Cuddle Party Rule: My favorite rule is #6. You are encouraged to change your mind. I don’t know how many times I got in trouble for not making up my mind or changing my mind growing up. I relish the freedom and permission that I can change my mind in the present moment as I need to. I can respond naturally to any situation and change it up as I see fit!

What I got out of Cuddle Party personally: I started to come to Cuddle Party in December of 2013 (after knowing about them for years and actively watching the website for almost 5 months). I knew after my first party that I wished to facilitate. I started my training in July 2014 and completed it in December! I get so much out of Cuddle Party. I find the skills I learned at Cuddle Party has translated into my work life, family life! I find myself speaking my truth and trusting my internal boundaries! I also love that my Touch Tank gets to stay full!

Facilitator Name: Meg Hunter

Country: United States

State: Washington

City: Seattle


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