About Me: I’m a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, not a crime fighting dog. I can make kombucha, but I'm more of an emotional fermentation process starter. I probably at some point will burst into song.

Favorite Cuddle Party Rule: #5 If you're a maybe, say no. Absolutely blew my mind my first Cuddle Party thinking about how often I say Maybe when I mean No. I love that for these few hours, we have a chance to practice doing that differently.

What I got out of Cuddle Party personally: A community of friends that will say what they mean and ask for what they want and don't want. It's built so much trust and closeness.

Who I am as a Cuddle Party Facilitator / What you'll find at my Cuddle Parties: I have so much love and passion for these events, for exploring and expressing our desires and boundaries. Tears and Laughter are definitely both welcome. I'm often giggling during opening circle and moved to tears during closing circle. I feel so grateful for everyone who shows up and brings their authenticity, vulnerability, and bravery.

Facilitator Name: Scoby

Country: United States

State: California

City: Hayward, San Jose


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