Sundeep Arole

About Me: I discovered the world of cuddle therapy a few years ago through a session as a client and opened my eyes to the incredible benefits of the power of human touch and loving presence. It changed my life in profound ways. I committed to sharing the benefits of cuddling and caring touch with others by training in various touch-related practices. In 2019 I completed training as a certified Cuddle Party facilitator and began hosting cuddle events in my dedicated home studio in the Austin area. When the pandemic limited social gatherings, I began offering virtual cuddling events.

Favorite Cuddle Party Rule: That you are allowed to change your mind. I love this rule – it is all about tuning in to the current moment, listening to yourself, and attending to your present needs.

What I got out of Cuddle Party personally: Cuddle Party provided me with a safe container to explore human touch and to have healthy relationships. After attending several Cuddle Party events and facilitating several of my own, my own fear of being in social situations has greatly diminished. I also have a much better handle on how to properly establish, communicate, and maintain my boundaries in my interactions with others.

Who I am as a Cuddle Party Facilitator / What you'll find at my Cuddle Parties: My Cuddle Party events combine the healing power of human touch with several elements from mindful movement, meditation, and loving presence. My approach combines a deep-rooted knowledge of Eastern philosophy and spirituality, and my multicultural background provides me with a unique sensitivity to people with different backgrounds and life experiences.

Facilitator Name: Sundeep Arole

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Austin


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