Suzann Robins

About Me: I love cuddling with friends old and new. Also love to write, although it’s difficult to do both at the same time. I’ve published a book about the importance of touch throughout our life-long developmental process. It also outlines how to increase our intuitive 6th sense through the aura, chakra, and meridian systems. check out Exploring Intimacy: Cultivating Healthy Relationships through Insight and Intuition.

Favorite Cuddle Party Rule: #007. This Rule was “No dry humping” when CP began and it received the publicity to get off to a running start. Recognizing the importance of affectionate, nurturing touch, we changed a few rules as CP grew. My favorite is still #7 — Honor your relationship agreements — I believe there are several possible models for relationship and whatever one chooses needs to be respected by all parties involved.

What I got out of Cuddle Party personally: I have gotten a lot better about asking for what I want in all situations. Although like many of us, I am sometimes not even certain WHAT I want. After spending most of my life making sure everyone else was OK, I learned to say YES to the kind of touch that I like best. It takes a lot of nerve to ask for what we want because of the fear of rejection, but once we recognize that even if one person says NO, there are other people we can ask, this becomes a lot easier. I use the Rules of Cuddle in all my affairs.

Who I am as a Cuddle Party Facilitator / What you'll find at my Cuddle Parties: I like to see myself as the recess monitor creating space for relaxing fun. During CP we have great conversations in horizontal positions that change people’s lives. I have found a place of peaceful vulnerability, where I can ask for and receive, as well as give, the kind of affectionate, nurturing touch we all crave.

Facilitator Name: Suzann Robins

Country: United States

State: Oregon

City: Coos Bay


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