Vega DeLeonvv

About Me: Hi! I am Vega, and I love to meet people through Cuddle Party. I like getting really curious about people. My favorite Improv teacher, JonJon (website coming soon!), says “Everything and everyone is a gift. It is the person that opens it that judges it.” I like to explore Cuddle Party with a kind of curiosity. Bewilderment. Who are these galaxies of experiences bumping into one another at various places? I invite you to come and see what kinds of connections you make. My involvement with Cuddle Party started around the end of 2012 in Dallas, TX, with Cathy Vartuli, a fellow CP Facilitator. I am still in touch with some friends I met through the cuddle community in DFW. I currently host CP’s in the Denver area of Colorado. PS – If you’re interested in Want to throw a CP at your place? Tell me!

Favorite Cuddle Party Rule: My favorite rule is Rule #2. “You are allowed to change your mind.” The Welcome Circle helps a lot of people feel comfortable taking time to make decisions that feel right for them. I love that this rule. I can make my decisions by being present with my needs as they change, as they do with time!

What I got out of Cuddle Party personally: Practicing Cuddle Party rules helped me figure out some boundaries while having fun. And I made some incredible friendships over the years. I hope to build a warm community in Colorado, like the one I started my Cuddle Party journey with.

Who I am as a Cuddle Party Facilitator / What you'll find at my Cuddle Parties: Cuddle Party with me is playful and sweet. Explore, giggle, cry, be shy, test your boundaries, trust.

Facilitator Name: Vega DeLeon

Country: United States

State: Colorado

City: Denver


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